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Tony Productions

Convoy (New Year Special)

Year - 2002
Series - Generation 1
Faction - Autobot

Function: Supreme Commander


  • Gun

  • Fists (L and R)

  • Hose

  • Nozzle

  • Missile (x6)

  • Hose Connector

  • Large Gun

  • Matrix Necklace


  • Robot to vehicle conversion
  • Spring-loaded missile launcher (Japanese release only)
  • Rubber tires
  • Die-cast parts
  • Spring-loaded repair bay launch


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available with Roller (1984) and New Year Action Master Convoy (2002) in Japan in 2002.

G1 Optimus Prime Figure History

Mold History

  • Music Label


  • Music Label
    Optimus Prime

  • Exile
    Perfect Year 2008

  • Chronicle
    Optimus Prime

  • Hasbri Asia
    Commemorative Series
    Optimus Prime

  • Hasbro Asia
    Commemorative Series
    Ultra Magnus

Characters Named "Convoy"

  • Note: The name "Convoy" is often used in Japan in place as the term for "Prime," as in Optimus Prime or Optimus Primal.
    The following list links only to characters who bore the singular name "Convoy" without prefix. In such, the link may direct to the character's western counterpart.