Don't Call Me
Tony Productions

Nemesis Prime

Year - 2004
Series - Transformers: Universe
Faction - Decepticon
Size Class - Ultra
Sub-Group - Store Exclusives


  • Missile (x2)

  • Large Missile (x2)

  • Dead Matrix

  • Gun


  • Robot to beast conversion
  • Spring-loaded missile launcher weapon
  • Switch-activated trunk movement
  • Spring-loaded missile lainchers attached to robot legs
  • Flip-out clubs in robot arms
  • 5mm compatible removable Matrix

Tech Spec

The most vile creation of the evil Unicron is a creature so shameful and foul that Autobot warriors fear to speak of it. Nemesis Prime - the powerful yet twisted clone of the legendary Optimus Prime, pulled out of time and perverted to the cruel villains purposes - possesses all the knowledge and wisdom of the Autobot leader, but is powered by a deep love of evil and destruction. Perhaps the greatest threat to the Universe ever created by Unicron, Nemesis Prime carries within its body the Dead Matrix, an artifact capable of negating and destroying forever the power Autobot Matrix of Leadership.


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available exclusively at Target stores in 2004.

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