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Tony Productions

Star Saber (Black Version)

Year - 2005
Series - Robot Masters
Faction - Decepticon
Size Class - Robot Masters
ID Number - RM-17
Sub-Group - Store Exclusives

Function - Supreme Commander


  • Thermal Shot

  • Saber Blade

  • Hilt / Nosecone


  • Robot to vehicle conversion
  • Base mode
  • Combines with Robot Masters Victory Leo (2004) and all subsequent versions of that mold


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available exclusively from E-Hobby with E-Hobby Robot Masters Black Version Victory Leo (2005) in Japan in 2005.

G1 Star Saber Figure History

Characters Named "Star Saber"

The term "Star Saber" also refers to a sword in multiple series including the Unicron Trilogy and the Aligned Continuity.