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Optimus Prime



Function: Leader







Tech Spec

"While I function, Earth is under my protection."

When Optimus Prime crashed to Earth with the rest of the Autobots, he didn't really know what it meant to be a hero. He spent most of his time in space dreaming of glory, but it wasn't until he was first faced with the terrible decisions that inevitably come with leadership that he finally understood. He became a true hero - a being who does what he does not for glory and fame, but because no-one else can do it.

* Supplementary battle armor.
* Rocket-assisted axe.
* Grapnel launcher in arm.



There are no known variations of this figure.



Availability: This figure was available in 2008.

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Recolors: This mold was recolored into Optimus Prime Black Version (2010, Japan), Elite Guard Optimus Prime (2010, Japan), and Botcon 2011 Animated Toxitron (2011).
Remolds: This figure was remolded into Wingblade Optimus Prime (2010, Japan) and Botcon 2011 Animated The Motormaster (2011).
Name Reuses: The name Optimus Prime was reassigned many times, please see our Optimus Prime Disambiguation page.