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A Letter from the Editor

January 15, 2003

Hello and welcome to the zero issue of the TFU.INFO magazine! It's been a long time comin' putting this site together. Almost 3 years to be exact. And all because I once had to utter in #WiiGii!, "Someone should make a Transformers site like"

To which, someone said, "Why don't you try and make it yourself?"

And in my own stupidity and brashness, believed I could.

Though somehow, I did, sorta.

The first thing in planning this website was that I wanted it to be more comprehensive than Yo Joe; and when it comes to the layouts for almost 20 years of Transformers from 5 continents, it's almost impossible not to be comprehensive.

The figure archive is what I consider the centerpiece of the site and it is still growing and expanding. HEll, it's far from done, but close enough wherein I feel confident letting the whole of Transfandom run rampant amongst it's pages.

Secondly, I did not want to become trapped by only talking about and archiving Transformers. That's why, in this zero issue (and in issues to come) you will see many an article devoted to other series, be it transforming or not. Additionally, don't forget to vote in our poll, as to which line we should add next to the archive.

We're still recruiting witty, smart writers interested in penning articles for TFU.INFO Magazine. Do you have an interesting take on the current realm of transforming toy collecting.

I am also proud to announce the opening of our very own message board, which I encourage you all to sign up for and use often. (My apologies for the pop-up ads there, though I suggest you use a browser with pop-up killing capability like Mozilla or Opera for optimal performance.)

Lastly, I would like to send my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the people who helped with getting this site off the ground, it would not have been possible without them.

So, now, kick back, click on, and enjoy.

Here's to what the future holds,

Anthony "Tonyfitz" Brucale
Webmaster -