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Flashback: 1985 Toy Catalogs

by Anthony Brucale

Many of us remember a time before the internet, where catalogs were distributed on paper and often mailed home by companies looking for a strong mail-order market. Many of us spent a lot of time looking over those pictures, inspiring an adult collector yet to be born. Some of those adult collectors, like myself, were crazy enough to save those catalogs.

Well, here for your enjoyment and discussion, are scans of several pages from the toy sections of the 1985 Sears Wish Book and the 1985 Consumers Catalog. These scans originally appeared on my old website on the late There are several pagse I haven't scanned, including things like Sectaurs, but if there's interest, please email me and let me know you want them.

Things of note are the original prices, a project currently being worked on for the entries on TFU.INFO's figure archive, and the other being poor Devestator's painfully misassembled waist.

1985 Sears Wish Book


Consumers 1985 Catalog

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