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A Letter From The Webmaster - When Editors Attack

by Anthony Brucale

Finally, the site's much needed update for the month is here. Sorry it's a month late. I'm sure some ofyou are wondering why, and I must a say a good turn of fortune came my way in April, with a fun and time-consuming freelance editing job came my way. But, now that is done, I can refocus some of my spare attention to touching up the site, work and school schedules permitting that is.

Luckily, some of the workload has been taken off my shoulders thanks to my friend and TFU.INFO factchecker, Graham Weaver, jumping aboard. Graham is currently touching up many of the character information pages in the figure archive; fixing things like mispellings and grammar in the tech specs, touching up small mistakes and missed accessories on my part, and even going so far as to add-in the weapon names on the accessory listings in each figure. So, a big standing ovation to Graham for stepping up the quality of TFU.INFO a great deal.

In this month's magazine, you'll find lots of pictures from CyberCon Expo 2003, as well as great off-brand transforming motorcycles in the Knockoff Spotlight, and pictures of one of the rarest Transformers of all time, ATB Megatron. Also, don't forget to write in your answer to the question of the month and qualify for your chance at a free Transformers toy. We've only received two responses last month and I didn't feel it was fair to judge between only two, so I'm extending it another month. The giveaway is open to all residents of the US and Canada. Overseas participants are welcomed to enter as well, but please be advised that you'll have to cover the cost of shipping your prize.

I still have a lot up my sleeve as to what is to become of this site. As of right now, the big project in the works is a Tonka Gobots (the 80's ones) and Rock Lords figure archive. Stay tuned for that. I'm looking into a way to fix the naming issues some people have with the site, as well as making the release dates a little more clear now that there are numerous re-releases of important figures. Also in the words is a revamp of the message board; because I'm sure the handful of people who use it are tired of the pop-ups and those who don't use it may if it were a more familiar interface.

Big thanks to Daniel Lipkowitz and Greg Gaub for helping with pics for the latest update. Those of you who have sent me emails and pics, I thank you for your patience. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

But enough from me for now. Enjoy the update.