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A Letter From The Webmaster - Big Changes Here At TFU.INFO

by Anthony Brucale

There's a reason why you don't leave a figure sitting precariously on your printer and an aromatherapy candle nearby on a humid spring New York day. Alas, poor Kid Muscle will not be able to get to his cow and rice while slowly sinking into wax! (One day I have to do an article on that series; if you're not watching it on the Fox Box Saturday mornings, you're missing out on all the fun!)

And, like the slowed Kid Muscle, the big update I've been touting on the newsgroups and messages boards has taken a little while to prepare. (Actually, Kid popped out of the wax rather nicely and only needed a quick rinse to get him back into fighting form.)

Behold! The new additions to TFU.INFO. First and foremost is the new navigation bar on the upper portion of each page. You need to have Javascript running to use it, but trust me, it's all worth it. In that navigation strip, you'll find two brand new ways to browse the archive; By Series and By Sub-Group. These have been requested to me numerous times, and with a little free-time and effort, they have been implemented into the site.

Also a much requested feature is some sort of identification page. Well, request no more, it is also featured in the new navigation bar. All you need to know is the color of your figure and you can browse through our listings. Also, I've made individual sections for Pretenders, Micromasters, Mini-Cons and Nebulans to help ease your search.

Also added is a brand new message board and forum area! I really got tired and annoyed with the old board, so I've implemented an interface that most Transfans should be familiar with. So stop by, sign up and post away!

Lastly, and largely, I've added am archive of the Original Gobots and Rock Lords. It's one of my favorite, under-appreciated lines, and I hope you enjoy looking around the new archive. It still needs a bit of work (I didn't realize how many of my personal Gobots collection were in such terrible condition), so if you want to help out, check our help page for more details.

Still more great stuff on the way! This month's magazine has a look at Diaclone Marlboro Wheeljack, several Aerialbots Knockoffs in the Knockoff Spotlight (you don't want to miss that), winners for our last Question of the Month, a new contest and poll, a Gobots Article, and a few new additions to the archive.

Big thanx to everyone who's helped out in the past couple of months, especially Graham Weaver and Matt Karpowich, they make this site better and better every single day.

That's about it for now. OTFCC is coming up quick; so if you are in Chicago for the big con and you see me there, feel free to say hi! And don't forget to check back here after the con for a big report and update!