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A Letter From The Webmaster - Recovering from OTFCC 2003

by Anthony Brucale

OTFCC has come and gone and with it another weekend of Transfan debauchery. Lots of good news abounded at the con, particularly in what's to come in the world of Transformers. Seems like we're in for another big year.

And despite the expense of the hotel, my friends and I had a hell of a time. Though many of you may look to OTFCC and similar cons as a place to get news and buy toys, I see it as only half that. The other half is meeting up with friends from around the world and having a blast in a city or area you may not be so familiar with. There's always someplace outside of the con and the hotel to go, especially in Chicago. That being said, I won't bore you with details of my personal adventures at OTFCC, but if you want to take a look at those pics, mosey on over to my OTFCC Photos to have a look.

However, not all of my photos are of a personal nature. I certainly didn't forget about you. As you can see, above is a picture of the pre-registration exclusive PVC Sunstorm and to the right you can see a quick snapshot of my haul for this year. Additionally, this month's magazine features articles on the Hasbro Display and the OTFCC Art Contest. Be sure to check them out, there's some photos I've yet to see anywhere else. (Also, be sure to check out BWTF, Altered States Mag, Allspark, and Transfandom's coverage of the convention.)

We've also added a ton of new stuff to the figure archives, and it only stands to grow more and more. And in more good news, let us all welcome Daniel "Suspsy" Suh to the TFU.INFO family. Daniel will be penning figure reviews which you'll soon see regularly on the site.

Sadly, this brings me to my first portion of bad news. We're running out of server space. Apparently my webhost's deal of unlimited space has a limit of about 525MB, which we've already hit about a month ago. Luckily, I was able to tweak many of the images to allow this update.

The site does have an option to upgrade, but at the moment, the monthly cost is not possible. We are currently working on a number of remedies for the situation, but there is a few ways you can help keep this site operating. First off, we're looking for loyal advertisers. So, if there's a dealer who you buy from frequently, let them know that you'd like to see them give back to the fan community by advertising on this site. Secondly, if you'd like to donate money, please email me and let me know. Lastly, and this is the easiest and most fun option, use the site frequently. The better our numbers are, the more we can offer prospective advertisers.

Finally, one last bit of sad news. On Sunday, August 3rd, 2003, Burt "Skyflight" Ward passed away at the age of 28. Skyflight was a pillar of the fan community and the fandom will not be the same without him.