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Knockoff Spotlight - Beast Tech Fighters

By Anthony Brucale

I came across these at a local Big Lots a few months ago. Though knockoffs of G1-era and Japanese figures are often commonplace, Beast-Era knockoffs are a little bit harder to come by. Packaged on cards entitled "Beast Tech Fighter," I was able to find knockoffs of Armordillo, BW Sonar, TM2 Spittor and Scarem. Overall the quality leaves a lot to be desired, as the figures tend to fall apart more than your average knockoff.

Scarem had the most changes made to his coloring, having the normal blue vac-metal paint replaced with silver vac-metal. The silver suits the figure nicely, though the lower grade plastic make his legs hard to keep locked in robot mode.


Armordillo may have gotten the nicest makeover of the bunch, having some of his more sedate orange and greys replaced with a brighter orange and tan, respectively. He also comes with all the same weapons as the original and a bonus chrome knife accessory which he is incapable of holding.


Spittor's color changes aren't very drastic, but this knockoff suffers a lot from the cheapened plastic, His head is nearly imobile, even though movement is imperative for the transformation. Moreover, the makers of the knockoff have removed the claw feature located in Spittor's shoulder.

TM2 Spittor

Sonar seems to have changed the least of all the figures, though some feature-used hinges have been removed, making some of her parts immobile. The purple vac-metal on her chest has been brightened up a bit.


Additionally, each figure came with a little rubber dino-lizard humanoid. Not really sure what they are, but packed in on cheap toys under $5, I'm not going to complain.

Dino Guys

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