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Two Years And Counting! Another Letter From the Webmaster

By Anthony Brucale

Yeah, I know it's been a while. Long, perhaps too long. But a lot has been going on lately, to put it lightly. So, what's been the cause of the delay? Well, work, mainly. For those of you who don't know, I work freelance in television, and working freelance sometimes means you have to get while the gettin's good. It also means that you'll end up working a lot of double shifts and 6-7 day work weeks. So, the delay? Life, really.

There's one other reason for the delay. To sum it up, it's Glen Halitt's fault. OTFCC was a weekend of fun and frivolity, full of good times, good friends, and the occasional drunken bridesmaid. It's Glen's fault for having a good excuse to get my friends and I together for a great weekend somewhere away from our homes each year. It's a shame to see he and 3H depart from the Con.

So, if you didn't go, and you've been in a cave the past month, check out our coverage of OTFCC. Lots of pics from the con are in this month's mag, along with some great toy reviews courtesy of Daniel Suh, and a new Knockoff Spotlight, penned by yours truly. Not bad for the first update of our second year. (The site first went up on August 16th or so, though the offical launch was the following January.)

At the con, I was also able to finally meet face-to-face with Bill from JRS Toyword. He certainly runs a great site and is a top-notch dealer. They've got a lot of excellent products in stock from around the world (like the Reissue TM Hot Rod you see on the left) and they don't molest you on the shipping, so be sure to check them out.

Also at the con, I had the pleasure of doing my first interview with another fan-site. I haven't seen it posted yet, but be sure to check out the Seacon Swamp; it's a neat upstart site that I hope to see around for a long time to come.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with this month's update, particularly M Sipher for contributing a lot of pics that elsewhile would not have graced the pages of this site for many months and my good friends from #WiiGii! for making the con unforgettable and always helping remember things.

As always, questions and comments are welcomed. Enjoy!

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