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It Is The Year 2006:

Transformers Season 3 is no longer the future. Cars aren't flying, the EDC doesn't defend Earth from aliens, and we still have no idea what Blot transforms into.

But, as promised, some of the biggest things to come to TFU.INFO have been placed on the site.

Part 1 of our 22-part series of exclusive images, Things From Aaron's Desk, is available just below. This series will be updated daily throughout the month with images you can only find here on TFU.INFO (or if you live inside Aaron Archer's desk). Lots of neat stuff to be seen, from color layouts to design drawings to original art and more; don't miss it.

Secondly, I am happy to announce the first ever TFU.INFO fundraiser auction. I've placed a number of Transformers items (as well as a few other things) on eBay in hopes to raise money to make some additions to the site. Moreover, this is a two part fundraiser; after the auctions end, a poll will be placed online where you, the users of TFU.INFO, will decide just how some of the proceeds from the auctions will be spent. So, if you love this site, please, check out the fundraiser!

We've also got more reviews courtesy of Susp. Check out what one of the fandom's most outspoken thinks of the Deluxe Fuzors.

As always, the archive updates continue; this time adding more Cybertron, as well as new Beast Wars 10th Anniversary figures and SWTF, the KB Railbots, some updated carded, boxed and cartoon images, and Masterforce's Blue Bacchus.

Also, the Knockoff Railbots pictured above are from the same series as the other Micromaster knockoffs featured in last issue's KO Spotlight. Another great find at Big Lots!

Lastly, I've added a new category to all the ID sections called "Futuristic." This should help you find your way to characters with futuristic alt modes. Actually, the sections aren't new at all; I've been maintaining them since I created the ID section 2 years ago, I just forgot to link them back then. D'oh!

As always, this update would not be possible without the help of other fans. Big thanx to Matt Karpowich, Daniel Suh, Bill Heaston, and Todd@Snarl's Homepage for contributing to this update.

--Ant, 01/08/06