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ATB Megatron - The Figure That Barely Was

By Anthony Brucale
ATB Megatron Photos by John Pironti

With Target's exclusive release of Dreadwind and Somkejumper, many newer Transformers fans have been introduced to the another great mold from the oft ignored late-era of Generation 2. This mold was originally used to create the G2 Decepticons Dreadwing and Smokescreen, and several years afterwards Takara used the mold to create Starscream and BB for the Beast Wars Second line. Below is a quick comparison of the three releases:


However, in late-1995 Hasbro had planned to release this mold as Megatron with Starscream as the smaller figure. The colors were later adopted by Takara when they released the Starscream and BB set in 1998. A small handful of the ATB (Advance Tactical Bomber) Megatron and Starscream were produced before the Generation 2 line was cancelled, whether they made it to store shelves is still unproven. Below, TFU.INFO is proud to present an in-depth pictorial of the Megatron that barely was:

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