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Marborojack: Cooler Than Joe Camel

By Anthony Brucale

Every toy collector has a prized piece in their collection. For some it's some rare Japanese figure that is only seen for sale once every two years. For others it's a strange incarnation of their favorite character. And for some it's usually something few others have.

For me, it's all three.

The prize of my collection is far and away my Marlboro Wheeljack. Released as Marbor in the Pre-Transformers Diaclone line, Marlboro Wheeljack is the alternate mold to the original Wheeljack toy. Among some of his interesting features are his remolded face, his Marlboro cigarette-pack paintjob, and his blue wings (not to mention the incredibly tight springs in his launchers...forget about a choking hazard, I'd be worried that a kid may blow one of the missile straight through his or her throat. See, there's a reason why Hasbro removes these on the reissues).

Below is a small gallery of pics of Marlboro Wheeljack. Enjoy.

Robot Mode
(No Launchers)
Vehicle Mode
(Right Side)
Vehicle Mode
(Left Side)

Also, a handful of pics too big to fit in the above gallery:


Box Insert


Sticker Sheet and Instructions


I bought my Marlboro Wheeljack back in the summer of 1999 and since then I've only seen it for sale a handful of times, each time selling for significantly more than I paid for it (no, mine is not for sale).

Hope you enjoyed this look at Marlboro Wheeljack!

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