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Letter From the Webmaster:

March 2002

A little over a full month has now gone by and TFU.INFO has so far, thanks to you readers, become a hot resource for information. In our first 3 days alone we had nearly 150,000 pages views; and though we're reached a nice cruising pace now, I encourage you all to use the archives to your heart's content.

And speaking of content, we've added and fixed a lot in the past few month. Thanks to all who wrote in with corrections and error fixes.

Furthermore, this month's magazine has shaped up pretty nicely if I do say so myself, being that I wrote all the articles (more on that later). March's issue features a thorough digestion of the the current Hasbro press release for the remainder of Armada, a pictoral featurette of a 1987 Fortress Maximus prototype, our new Knockoff Spotlight column, and a Flashback to 1985 Sears and Consumers catalogs. Also, we have a new poll and Question of the Month as well as the response and winners from last month.

There's still a lot on the horizon for TFU.INFO. Aside from the magazine, I'll soon be starting work on some other archives, Tonka Gobots and possibly PVCs first. The main archive is still expanding for new content; we've recently added a number of pictures of Japanese Armada (Micron Legend) and are always updating images for accuracy. Soon, we'll be undertaking fixing up the missing parts information and pictures, too.

Sadly, this issue is almost entirely in my voice, save for the excellent article by Mike Estipona, as the response for writers have been few. To those who have responded, I thank you, and I look forward to your contributions. For those still interested, please email me. As always, we are also looking for folks to help us finish up the Transformers Archive, so if you are interested, take a look and see if you can help.

The most common question I get in this matter is, "What are you looking for?" Ideally, I do not want TFU.INFO magazine simply to be a place where I can spout my views on things. I'd like it to take on the voice and life of those who write for it. As far as topics go, so long as it is a different take on things that what you'd find anywhere else, then it belongs here. Here at TFU.INFO we'd like to break away from the typical review and episode guide information. Instead of filling the mold, I'd prefer we'd break the mold. Or at least creatively remold, like Thrustor.

Finally, if you are interested in advertising with TFU.INFO, please email us at Our ad rates start as low as $1/month and go no higher than $10/month.

Enjoy the magazine and I look forward to hearing from my readers this month.


Anthony "Tonyfitz" Brucale
Webmaster -

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