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Issue #01
TFU. INFO Magazine
March 2003

A Letter From the Webmaster -

by Anthony Brucale

The first issue is here and a lot more great things are to come.


Question of the Month:

Is the Transformers market flooded with too much product?

Check out the answers to last month's question of the month and read our mail!

A Look Ahead: The 2003 Line to Come


by Anthony Brucale

TFU.INFO's webmaster takes a look over the latest Hasbro press release and analyzes what's new, what's old, and what's overdone

Flashback: 1985 Toy Catalog Scans

by Anthony Brucale

A window into the past, TFU.INFO takes brings you images of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Gobots, and Voltron from the 1985 Sears and Consumers catalogs.

Knockoff Spotlight:
Enter The Bumblebots

TFU.INFO takes a look at one of the most interesting and quirky series of knockoffs to surface in a long time.

Text and images by Anthony Brucale


A World Mostly Transformed

An Editorial by Lastmaximal


Phillipines based Transfan, Mike Estipona takes the rest of the world through an interesting tour of Transfan life on the South-East Asian Island.

TFU.INFO still needs your help!

TFU.INFO Magazine is actively seeking talented writers to pen thought-provking articles. If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us.

There's still a bunch of pics missing from the site and TFU.INFO needs your help to fill them in. So, if you see the following image and think you can fill some pics in, please contact us.

Fort Max Prototype Pics!

TFU.INFO is proud to present a pictorial of the prototype to Fortress Maximus.

Text by Anthony Brucale
Images courtesy of Jim Yarbrough

Which Transformers product would you like to see discontinued?

Tramsformers PVCs
G1 Reissues and Keychains
E-Hobby Exclusives
Dreamwave TF G1 comics
Hard Hero Busts
Retail Chain Store Exclusives
Convention Exclusives
Transformers DVDs & VHS
Dreamwave posters and prints

Current Results

What's new at TFU.INFO?

Robots In Disguise Dreadwind, Smokejumper, TRU Japan Exclusive Land Military Team (Bomb, Crack, Shot), Reverse Evolution Sixturbo (Circuit, Discharge, Glide, Neo-Wheel, Road Police, Sireen), Berserker Sixwing (Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Missile Run, Raker, Supersonic), My First Transformers: Car, Jet, Truck.
Updated: Robots In Disguise Fortress Maximus , Skystalker

X-Dimension Microns
, CD Microns, Botcon Europe Rook, Armada Thundercracker, Armada Galvatron, Mini-Con Air Assault Team, (Jetstorm, Sonar, Runway), Mini-Con Sea Team, (Stormcloud,Waterlog,Oceanglide), Mini-Con Night Attack Team, (Scattor, Fetch, Broadside), Zapmaster, Armada Clench, and Japanese Armada variants for: Starscream, Demolishor, Swindle, Blackout, and Hot Shot.

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