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The TFU.INFO Art Contest

Text by Anthony Brucale

The last two issues, we here at TFU.INFO have been asking for your best digital recolor of any photo in the archive. The response we got was excellent, and we hope the next contest we do floods us with more pictures to go through for the contest. Below are the entrants for the contest. We have narrowed it down to finalists for which you can vote for on the main page or at the bottom of this page. Your vote determines the winner!

Our first entry comes from Juan Pablo Osorio P., for what he calls, "Optimus Magnus".

Next we have an entry by Matt Marshall, who took BW Scorponok and paid homage to G1 Scorponok:

David "Walky" Willis and Graham Weaver co-conspire to bring you the gem below, Pre-Beast Wars Cheetor:

Not to be outdone in the Armada Sideswipe recoloring category, our most prolific digital artist, Alberto Galarce brings you Big Daddy, Armada-style:

To further outdo himself in the Big Daddy recolors, Alberto also gave us this fun one, Big Daddy's Car Wash and Lube Jobs:

Alberto also brings us Micromaster Nightbeat

Last but not least, Alberto's final entry into the contest is Armada Thunderwing as BW Rhinox's famed chain gun, named by Alberto as "Oxpecker".

Ok, folks now it's your turn to pick a winner! We've narrowed the entries down to four finalists, your job is to simply vote in the poll below. Thanks for taking a look and best of luck to the contestants!

Art contest

Select a WINNER for the TFU.INFO art contest!

"Optimus Magnus" by Juan Pablo Osorio P.
"BW/G1 Scorponok" by Matt Marshall
"Pre-Beast Wars Cheetor" by David Willis and Graham Weaver
"Big Daddy's Car Wash and Lube Job" by Alberto Galarce

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