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News, Notes, and Updates:

Transformers: Added:

Clear Super Spy Changer Ox
Powerlinx Red Alert
Powerlinx Longarm
Armada Side Burn
Armada Skid-Z

Transformers: Added:
Japanese Headmaster Heads: Loafer, Trizer, & Lione
Dai Atlas
Micron Booster Rod
Micron Booster Atlas
Powerlinx Jetfire with Comettor
X-Dimension Sea Team: Float, Knot, & Sail
X-Dimension Adventure Team: Junk, Spike, & Winch
Change Micron Space Team: Apollo, Mir, & Move
Change Micron Race Team: Drift, Indy, & Spin
Micron Booster Race Team: Drift, Indy, & Spin
Micron Booster Air Defense Team: Jetter, Mach, & Shuttler
Japanese Powerlinx Hot Shot
Japanese Dark Saber: Jack, Mad, & Shade
Japanese Nemesis Prime (Scourge) and Run-Over (Sweep)
Japanese Tidal Wave (Shockwave)
Built To Rule Hot Shot with Jolt
Built To Rule Optimus Prime with Sparkplug
Built To Rule Starscream with Swindle
Built To Rule Red Alert with Longarm
Armada Optimus Prime
Powerlinx Optimus Prime
Armada Rollout
Armada Overload
Micromaster Sky High
Pretender Sky High


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Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team
Road Assault Mini-Con Team
Armada Hoist w/Refute
Armada Skywarp w/Thunderclash
Air Military Mini-Con Team
Armada Terrorsaur w/Mini-Con Ironhide
Armada Airazor w/Nightscream
Emergency Mini-Con Team