Don't Call Me
Tony Productions




Function: Bounty Hunter







Tech Spec

"Run all you want. It'll make the chase more fun."

Lockdown could care less about Megatron and his grand goals of universal domination. He's in this game for upgrades, pure and simple, and he wears the Decepticon badge because they're the ones who can get him the systems he wants. For the right price he'll hunt down any target and bring it in - functioning or not. As a bonus, every new target means a new trophy for his workshop wall. He enjoys his work, and he's traveled from one end of the universe to the other doing it, which is why he's got a collection of weapons and functions second to none.

* Can track a target even across light years.
* EMP Blaster shuts down most robotic circuitry.
* Once a target is locked, he always catches it.



There are no known variations of this figure.



Availability: This figure was available in 2008.

Additional Versions of Lockdown:

Recolors: This mold was recolored into Stealth Lockdown (2008).
Remolds: This figure was remolded into Blazing Lockdown (2009) and Botcon 2011 Animated Wildrider (2011).

Name Reuses: The name Lockdown was reassigned to Movie Lockdown (2010-2015), Bot Shots Lockdown (2012-2013), Construct-Bots Lockdown (2014), and Kre-O Lockdown (2014).

The name Lockdown was modified and reassigned to Lockdown Pig (2014).