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A Letter From The Webmaster - Power Surge

by Anthony Brucale

Several weeks have passed and once again it is time for another update of the magazine. We have lots of great new stuff in store for you, as my G1 homage to Armada Overload and Prime can attest to on the right.

Starting off, this month's magazine is so packed, I actually had to cut a few planned articles, like the next Knockoff Spotlight. Don't worry knockoff fans, it'll return next issue with the poll winner from last issue, Knockoff Constructicons. (Knockoff fans? Is that like a regular fan only made of shoddy materials and garishly colored?) This month's magazine features numerous reviews by our own Daniel "Suspsy" Suh, a tour through my personal collection (Sorry, had to remove this article to make room for the latest update -- Ant, 10/4/03), and your TFU.INFO Art Contest entries! Be sure to pick your winner in this month's poll.

The past month as seen an influx of people to the TFU.INFO forums, and our online community keeps growing. Drop on by and join up! The more, the merrier, I always say. It's quick and painless to sign up, so why not? And, the boards are accessible anywhere on the site, using the message board button on the top navigation bar.

We've also added a new feature to the site since the last update, a search box. You can find it on the upper left-hand side of this and every page at TFU.INFO.

Debuting with this issue, is TFU.INFO's revamped Figure ID section. No more wading through 4-5 pages of images to find the bot you were looking for, we've now narrowed things down not only by color, but by alternate mode as well. (There may be a few kinks in figures being all-there, as the entries were based on the robotic forms, so if you feel a figure is missing, drop me a line.)

Laslty, the updates to the figure archive continue, with pics of some of the newly released Armada and Playskool Go-Bots figures. As always, more updates will come as we can provide.

Until next issue, enjoy!


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