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Tony Productions

Jetfire (Powerlinx)

Year - 2003
Series - Armada
Faction - Autobot
Size Class - Giga-Con


  • Missile (x2)

  • Shield/Landing Gear

  • Gun/Thruster


  • Robot to vehicle conversion
  • Lights & Sounds
  • Powerlinx activated missile drop
  • Cargo hold
  • Landing gear formed when combined with Armada Comettor (2003) and any subsequent version of that mold.
  • Spring-loaded wing release
  • Can combine with Armada Optimus Prime (2002) and all subsequent versions of that mold to form Jet Optimus.
  • Can combine in vehicle mode with Armada Rollout (2003) and Armada Overload (2003) and all subsequent versions of those molds to form a transport and launch platform.

Tech Spec


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available with Armada Powerlinx Comettor (2003) in 2003.

This figure was later available exclusively in K-Mart Stores with Gold Armada Optimus Prime (2003), Armada Longarm (2002), Armada Powerlinx Comettor (2003), Armada Sparkplug (2002), Armada Dune Runner (2002), Armada Iceberg (2002), and Armada Ransack (2002) in 2003.

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