Don't Call Me
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Issue #02
May 2003
TFU. INFO Magazine
News and Updates

A Letter From the Webmaster - When Editors Attack

by Anthony Brucale

Finally an update! Find out what took so long and what to expect in coming months.

News, Notes, and Updates:

7/1/03:Part 2:
European Actionmasters added:

Sideswipe, Tracks, Omega Spreem, Powerflash, Windmill, Charger, Double Punch, and Turbo Master
(Big thanx to Thomas Wheeler for the pics)
Figure Archive Update:
Mini-Con Emergency Team (Firebot, Makeshift, Prowl), Mini-Con Air Military Team (Gunbarrel, Terradive, Thunderwing), Transformers: Universe Snarl, Reptilion.

Figure Archive Update:
2003 Recolored Spy Changers: (Crosswise, Hot Shot, Ironhide, Mirage, R.E.V., W.A.R.S.) (Also have a set for auction on Ebay), Armada Rhinox with Mini-Con Armorhide, and Armada Terrorsaur with Mini-Con Ironhide, Actionmaster Thundercracker (updated photos), Australian Goldbug, and JBW Cheetor.
Lots of great new additions coming soon, stay tuned!

New Year's Sideswipe, New Year's Red Alert, Destron Sixwing (Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Missile Run, Raker, Supersonic), from Reissue Sixbuilder: Digger, Iron Lift, Mixing, Treader; from Destron Sixbuilder: Crush-Bull, Gran Arm; Tigertrack, Silverstreak, Commemorative Series II Starscream, New Dinobots: Grimlock, Sludge, Snarl, Triceradon, Slapper, Swoop/Terranotron, Destructicons: Scourge, Bludgeon

Entries Adjusted: Reissue Sixliner (Alan, Deego, Joe, Leaf, Night, Spark); Reissue Sixturbo (Circuit, Discharge, Glide, Neo-Wheel, Road-Police, Sireen); Commemorative Series III Jazz, Commemorative Series III Thundercracker.

Armada Sideswipe, Armada Nightbeat, Armada Thrust, Armada Inferno, Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor (Commorative Series II Powermaster Optimus Prime and Apex Bomber), Reissue Jazz, Reissue Thundercracker, Change Micron Bumble (Arcee, Bank, Wheelie), Change Micron Air Defense Team (Jetter, Mach, Shuttler), Super Spy Changers (Art Fire, Counter Arrow, Eagle Killer, Ox, Wars, X-Car, Clear Art Fire, Clear Eagle Killer), Solid Variant Motormouth

Robots In Disguise Dreadwind, Smokejumper, TRU Japan Exclusive Land Military Team (Bomb, Crack, Shot), Reverse Evolution Sixturbo (Circuit, Discharge, Glide, Neo-Wheel, Road Police, Sireen), Berserker Sixwing (Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Missile Run, Raker, Supersonic), My First Transformers: Car, Jet, Truck.
Updated: Robots In Disguise Fortress Maximus , Skystalker

Cyber Con Expo 2003 - Small Con, Big Fun

by Anthony Brucale

Kicking off the convention season in NJ, TFU.INFO takes you inside the first Transformers themed con in NJ since 1999.

ATB Megatron - The figure that barely was

Words by Anthony Brucale
Photos by John Pironti

One of the rarest Transformers ever made, take a look at one of G2's final toys.

Knockoff Spotlight - Off-brand Motorcycles

By Anthony Brucale

Diecast, great alt modes, and cheap to own. Check 'em out!

Question of the Month:

Is the Transformers market flooded with too much product?
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