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Issue #03
July 2003
TFU. INFO Magazine
News and Updates

A Letter From the Webmaster - Big Changes Here At TFU.INFO

by Anthony Brucale

This update was a long time comin'; but it's worth it. The site's webmaster details the new improvements and why toys shouldn't be left near candles.

News, Notes, and Updates:

Transformers: Universe Optimus Primal, Transformers: Universe Razorclaw; Armada Hoist, Armada Airazor, Armada Wheeljack, Tidal Wave, Refute, Armada Nightscream, Armada Wind Sheer, Armada Ramjet.
Gobots: Twin Spin, Tank, Man-O-War, Clutch, Raizor, Leader-1 (updated), Jeeper Creeper, Sky Jack, Snoop.

Powerlinx Prime, Corona Sparkplug, updated Armada Jetfire

Commemorative Series IV Prowl, Commemorative Series IV Skywarp, Transformers: Universe Silverbolt.

Added new navigation features (New menus, Identify Your Toys section, search by series or subgroup sections) and new forums added.

7/1/03:Part 2:
European Actionmasters added:

Sideswipe, Tracks, Omega Spreem, Powerflash, Windmill, Charger, Double Punch, and Turbo Master
(Big thanx to Thomas Wheeler for the pics)
Figure Archive Update:
Mini-Con Emergency Team (Firebot, Makeshift, Prowl), Mini-Con Air Military Team (Gunbarrel, Terradive, Thunderwing), Transformers: Universe Snarl, Reptilion.

Figure Archive Update:
2003 Recolored Spy Changers: (Crosswise, Hot Shot, Ironhide, Mirage, R.E.V., W.A.R.S.) (Also have a set for auction on Ebay), Armada Rhinox with Mini-Con Armorhide, and Armada Terrorsaur with Mini-Con Ironhide, Actionmaster Thundercracker (updated photos), Australian Goldbug, and JBW Cheetor.
Lots of great new additions coming soon, stay tuned!


A Closer Look: Diaclone Marboro Wheeljack

by Anthony Brucale

TFU.INFO takes a closer look at the Wheeljack mold we never saw here in America.

Gobots: A Collection of Images

Words by Anthony Brucale

In celebration of the opening of the Gobots archive at TFU.INFO, we're taking a look at some of the media that went along with the line on the losing side of the pop-culture war.

Knockoff Spotlight - Aerialbots

By Anthony Brucale

The strangest array of Aerialbots you'll ever see, from would-be clones of the originals to triple-sized Superion.

Question of the A Few Months Ago: Is The Transformers Market Flooded?

Final we've got some answers for you and a winner as well!

Picture of the Month Contest!

We're trying something new with this issue of TFU.INFO Magazine; instead of a Question of the Month, we've decided to have a bit more fun. We're want all the people with photo editing skills to chime in on this one. Here's the challenge:

Take any picture from the figure archive (any picture at all: toy, cartoon, comic, etc) and digitally recolor it to your tastes and send it in to us. Judging will be on skill, originality, theming, and overall-badassness.

Ready, set...GO! I'm looking forward to seeing my email flooded with cool digital recolors.


Knockoff Spotlight

What would you like to see in next issue's Knockoff Spotlight?

Constructicon Knockoffs
Japanese Transformer Knockoffs
Machine Wars Knockoffs
Other Japanese Brand Knockoffs
Just Give Me A Mixed Bag
  Current Results
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