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Issue #04
August 2003
TFU. INFO Magazine
News and Updates

A Letter From the Webmaster - Recovering from OTFCC 2003

by Anthony Brucale

A few ramblings about OTFCC 2003 and other assorted mumbo jumbo.

News, Notes, and Updates:

Transformers: Added:
E-Hobby Repaints: Clamp Down, Deep Cover, Load Hauler, Sunstorm; Mircon Legend Sea Team: Knot, Float, Sail; X-Dimension Space Team: Apollo, Mir, Move; Micron Legend Grap Super Mode (Hoist) w/ Sparklift (Refute)
Updated: Blitzwing (Weapons), Streetwise (Variant), Beast Machines Silverbolt (Alt modes), G2 Jazz (Weapons).
Original Tonka Gobots: Added: Puzzler (Crossword, Pocket, Rube, Jigsaw, Tic-Tac, Zigzag), Super Leader-1, Bullseye, Ace, Spy-Eye, Throttle, Chaos, Van Guard, Scooter, Royal-T, Stinger, Grungy.
European Variants:
Gunnyr, Man-O-War, Night Ranger

Itoyokado Destruction Team: Crush, Duster, Wheel; White Destruction Team: Crush, Duster, Wheel; X-Dimension Air Military Team: Flame, Glide, Recon; Micron Legend Blurr (Silverbolt) with Incinerator (Turbo); Micron Legend Jetfire with Comettor (Sonar).
Go-Bots: Buzzer-Bot (Motorcycle), Flash-Bot, Scrap-Bot.

Built To Rule Jetfire, Built To Rule Comettor, Built To Rule Smokescreen, Built to Rule Liftor.
Playskool Go-Bots: Redeco Speed-Bot.
Japanese Go-Bots: George, Gong, Randy.

Transformers: Added:
Armada Skywarp with Mini-Con Thunderclash, Armada Overload with Mini-Con Rollout, and Unicron with Mini-Con Dead End

Transformers: Added:
Decoy Swoop, Decoy Hoist; OTFCC Exclusives: Roulette, Shadow Striker, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker; Smallest TF: Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Ravage, Bumblebee, Sideswipe; Black Keychains: Brawn, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Windcharger; Clear Super Spychangers: Wars, X-Car, Counter Arrow; Reissue Sixbuilder, Reissue Gran Arm, Reissue Crush-Bull, Destron Mixing, Destron Iron Lift, E-Hobby Megaplex, Anime Starscream, TVBoy Prime (Green Sparkplug), Go-Bots Aero-Bot, Silver-Bot, Speed-Bot Dragster, Pretender Sky High, Staxx
Updated: Pretender Jazz, Pretender Thunderwing, G2 Terradive, Meanstreak

Transformers: Universe Optimus Primal, Transformers: Universe Razorclaw; Armada Hoist, Armada Airazor, Armada Wheeljack, Tidal Wave, Refute, Armada Nightscream, Armada Wind Sheer, Armada Ramjet.
Gobots: Twin Spin, Tank, Man-O-War, Clutch, Raizor, Leader-1 (updated), Jeeper Creeper, Sky Jack, Snoop.

Powerlinx Prime, Corona Sparkplug, updated Armada Jetfire

Commemorative Series IV Prowl, Commemorative Series IV Skywarp, Transformers: Universe Silverbolt.


Transformers: The Year Ahead - Pictures, News and Rumours of what's to come.

by Anthony Brucale

Lots of pictures from the Hasbro booth at OTFCC 2003 as well as a few bits of news and rumour. Info and pics on Armada, Energon, Universe, Alernators, Built To Rule and more!

Kitbash Mania: Inside the Art Contest.

by Anthony Brucale

A look inside the OTFCC art contest with tons of images too!

Susp's Review: Wheeljack w/ Wind Sheer

by Daniel Suh

Susp delves into the first Transformer to switch sides from Autobot to Decepticon.

Susp's Review: OTFCC Sideswipe

by Daniel Suh

Susp gives an in-depth take on the new revamp of an old Autobot friend.

Susp's Review: OTFCC Exclusive Roulette and Shadow Striker

by Daniel Suh

Susp takes a look at the pair of sisters from this year's OTFCC.

Susp's Review: Tidal Wave

by Daniel Suh

Susp keeps the reviews coming as he takes a look at Tidal Wave, Ramjet, and the Dark Fleet.

Picture of the Month Contest!

The deadline has been extended! We're trying something here at TFU.INFO Magazine; instead of a Question of the Month, we've decided to have a bit more fun. We're want all the people with photo editing skills to chime in on this one. Here's the challenge:

Take any picture from the figure archive (any picture at all: toy, cartoon, comic, etc) and digitally recolor it to your tastes and send it in to us. Judging will be on skill, originality, theming, and overall-badassness.

We've gotten a lot of great entries here so far, but we want more! Flood my email with cool digital recolors!


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